Sugandoi Singing Competition: The Sabah Kadazandusun Culture

In conjunction with the yearly Harvest Festival celebration in the month May, the Kaamatan, Sugandoi Singing Competition is part of the Sabahan Kadazandusun culture. You will be hearing the beautiful voices every where particularly in Kota Kinabalu area. The singing competition starts from the area level then to state level. This year, since I started my own SOHO business, I have more to time which also a good material to share on my website, I grabbed the opportunity when a friend invited me to The Donggongon Level Sugandoi Singing Competition a while ago.

I was introduced to the winner of Sugandoi Donggongon Level Singing competition, Ms Cathy Woritus. Herewith I enclose the live sound recording during the closing by Ms Cathy Woritus, enjoy her voice & Tadao Tagazo Do Kaamatan to you all!



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