Holidays of year 2012: Sarawak Trip Part 2


I was indeed a lucky guy. My new friend from Limbang is an immigration officer, thus with his experience I was able to find the best way to return to Kota Kinabalu the next day.

As this year 2012, I have planned only to travel within Malaysia especially focusing in Sabah & Sarawak, long term passport is not needed. I was introduced to PTB passport a.k.a Passport Terhad Brunei (the Ristricted Passport entering only Brunei Darulsalam) .  But unluckily, I wasn’t able to apply for the blue passport (PTB) was out of stock! Coincident ey…

Well, I always believe nothing is impossible as long as we tried. My friend then suggested to travel through express boats from Limbang to Labuan then transit to Kota Kinabalu. I love that idea indeed for I could experience the journey.

Limbang – Labuan ferry transfer: One departure daily at 0800hrs. It cost RM30 per passenger.

Labuan – Kota Kinabalu ferry transfers: Two departures daily, 0830hrs / 1300hrs. It cost RM39 per first class passenger and RM32 per second class passenger.

Please click here to visit Labuan Ferry official website for your perusal.

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It took 2 hours from Limbang to Labuan. Both of those ferry condition was great and comfortable. It was indeed a memorable Sarawak, Limbang trip. Mrs. Tracy Tunung Udan, a sweet and humble lady, also the mother of my Limbang friend, whom is also an immigration officer came to bid me good bye at the terminal. Her humbleness touched me. Although it was only a 3 days 2 nights stay with them, I felt like knowing them long time ago. I was given their locally produced brown rice and special made fish namely ‘Ikan Tahai’.

It took me another 3 hours from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to travel to Sarawak again after so many years. Dear Sarawak… I will be back!!

Limbang - Labuan Ferry: View from my seat

Limbang – Labuan Ferry: View from my seat

Labuan - Kota Kinabalu Ferry: View from my 1st class seat

Labuan – Kota Kinabalu Ferry: View from my 1st class seat



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5 Responses to Holidays of year 2012: Sarawak Trip Part 2

  1. I envy you about nice Holidays ^_^

    • Hi Tourism Thailand,

      Greetings & many thanks to your comment. I am to share about my beautiful country, Malaysia especially focusing Borneo Island of Sabah & Sarawak states. From my point of view, our tourism is developing yet still in infancy stages. I personally envy Thailand tourism instead, very active and definitely a beautiful country to spend holidays at.

      All the best!

      Win Son Nick Kho
      Borneo Travel Advisor

  2. angel says:

    do i need to use
    passport if tru express from limbang to labuan?

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