London Olympics 2012 – part 22 Malaysia Athletes updates – Who is winning? Datuk Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan?

London Olympics 2012 Badminton Silver - Datuk Lee Chong Wei

London Olympics 2012 Badminton Silver – Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Time 2150 hours, 25 minutes after my flight from Kuala Lumpur heading back to Kota Kinabalu took off. Yes, I am writing in the flight. My laptop’s battery will not last long thus I got to write as much as I could that I would be able to post online once I got home.

I was not able to write anything today for I woke up at around 1000 hours, back to my room and hour later after having my breakfast with Josh my friend. To start packing, I had to dry my t-shirt and try to extend my check out time (I have a habit, that’s to soak and wash what I wear when I check in to the hotel for I sweat a lot. I am always traveling light, first no check-in-luggage so no waiting for luggage needed then second; saving my money from paying excess luggage weight).

The whole Malaysia is rather anxious today, for today is a very special day. As per my post yesterday, Datuk Lee Chong Wei might be ending the Olympics gold medal drought for our country today. He would be competing Lin Dan, the world number one at Malaysia time 2000 hours this evening. That was coincidently the time I had to prepare for boarding.

After a lovely dinner with my friends, they also sent me to the LCCT and arrived at the airport at 2030 hours. After bidding goodbye to them, I hurried to departure hall, wanting to watch the match. it was already the second set when I entered the hall. TVs in the boarding hall were surrounded by Malaysian fans who were supporting Datuk Lee, our hope to end Olympics gold medal drought of our country have not won any gold medal.

I quickly contacted a friend in Kota Kinabalu for the latest score who was able to continue watching live broadcast  from the London Olympics 2012 badminton men’s final between Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan was already on the third set, the score was 7-8.

I was forced to discontinue watching the match for it was time for boarding already. I tried to postpone as much as I could by being the last one on the queue.

2359 hours, touched down Kota Kinabalu. I couldn’t wait till I got to the immigration hall, I had turned on my phone to receive the result. World no. 1 Lin Dan had won the competition with 21-15, 10-21, 19-21 in 79 minutes match.

Chong wei Tweet

Chong wei Tweet

Well, no matter how and what the result is, I personally know that he, Datuk Lee Chong Wei had done his very best. his humbleness by saying “sorry” to us his Malaysian fans via his tweeter had touched many of our hearts!

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