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DAP’s Manoharan under fire over disparaging tweets about Chong Wei

PETALING JAYA: Kota Alam Shah’s DAP assemblyman M. Manoharan has come under fire for making disparaging comments about Datuk Lee Chong Wei‘s defeat to China‘s Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton men’s singles final.

Among other things, Manoharan tweeted: “Malaysia will win its first gold medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.”

“If Chong Wei played better than Lin Dan, why didn’t he win? We must be firm with our players so that we can see a gold one day.

“Whoever wins a gold medal with Olympics, we must congratulate them.

“Lin Dan is so stylish. So modern. Doesn’t look like a China man. But from China. Tattoo all over.

“LIN DAN wins. He played better than Lee Chong AWAY.”

Netizens set up a Facebook page called “We Want Manoharan Malayalam to apologise to Lee…

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