Mogool’s Puneng, Be’Kalalan Busines Trip 27 Sept ~ 1 Oct 2012

September 27, 2012 Mommy Tunung & I were heading to Be’kalalan to meet up with Titus Udan Lindris (we call him Ewik), few days before he was finishing his 2 months posting as an immigration officer at SarawakIndonesia border. The place is called Puneng, Be’kalalan.

Mommy Tunung’s beloved husband, Dad Lindris is staying in Lawas serving as a school headmaster. He is a great man! He sent us to the so call ‘terminal’ in the morning after breakfast at a local cafe that we normally call: Kopitiam. I prefer to call the ‘terminal’ as [Collection Venue] instead for there is no proper building whatsoever but only a known spot to meet those who are from the village.

Now, if you want to be able to get in there to Be’kalalan, connection is needed; a huge village area along Meligan Range. Mom Tunung is originated from Be’kalalan thus it was like the ‘celebrity-is-coming’, the way was opened for her already, yeah!!

Beautiful scenery with Meligan Range as back drop. Mom Tunung surely couldn’ resist the awesome view, and a pose and snap!!

Well, this is me… I, chuckled… wanna be mi=ki-cute like me? Do what I am doing then… Mom Tunung became the photographer when it was my turn to take pictures, not bad ey!! ^_^

A shot at Merarap Camp with Meligan Range as background. This picture was taken 2 hours after we started our journey. Half way through by this time, yeah!!! Stay tune with us, more picture collection after this, wink!

Mom Tunung loves flowers thus, enjoy our flower collection ^_^

The daisy

The Hibiscus… ya, it’s spooky when I saw it the first time… I imagine of Alien… what say you??

After 4-hours-drive… we eventually arrived at Buduk Bui, the village of Mr. Lasung, the driver whom I prefer to call him ‘the transporter’ instead for he is actually running the business not under anyone’s employment.

We were instantly attracted to an amazing look fruit tree that hanging many snake-like look fruit tree that the villagers call it Ice Cream Bean the moment we got out of the car. This is how the Ice Cream Bean fruit looks like, twisting like a long green snake and yeah… white-spongy-juicy and sweet Ice cream fruit is now holding in my hand…

The Ice Cream Bean tree…

O… with only one bite, the juice oozed out & revealed the black leech-like seed ^_^

Special effect: dog on the fruit ^_^

Does it look like a leech?

Two leeches????!!!

It was already dark when we eventually cleaned ourselves after a long, dusty and tiring  yet fun journey, the night was dark and chill…

It was 2 more days to Chinese’s Moon Cake Festival of 2012… I brought along 12 pieces of Chinese lanterns that I managed to buy from Super Safe store in Limbang town before departed to Lawas yesterday ^_^

The darkness totally ignite the urge to lit up those lanterns…. Mom Tunung could no longer resist the temptation to take pictures, huhu… Possing for photo shooting in the dark, flash wasn’t a great idea and guess what we did so we could take mom’s image in the dark?

Ewik a.k.a Titus and his mom, Mommy Tunung ^_^

Huh?? I am still waiting for your answer to my question earlier… where did the light came from???

Yeah, you are right, it was our head light haha… smart ey ^_^

and my silly look haha…

The picture of our lanterns taken with night mode ^_^

Day 2, 28th September 2012, Woke up at like 6:45 am the next morning… ya, I was feeling sleepy still ^_^

Stretching is always good for health and I started from my… teeth ^_^

We ventured into Indonesia from Puneng Be’kalalan. We hired a 4WD that came over to Puneng to shop for suppliers and returned to Indonesia. We gotta walk on foot when the road condition was really bad, that allow no passenger outside the truck… crikey!! The truck sat only 3 passengers including the driver, we had to sit outside the truck.

To the left… Sarawak, Malaysia To the right… Long Bawan, Indonesia! We were at the border by now, for real!!!

The ‘highway’ at long Bawan, Indonesia… Be thankful to have sealed road, 3-4 lanes highway back home in the city folks ^_^

The most established shoplots, year…. 2012… WHAT???!!! Yes.. I feel lucky that I am living in the modern civilization!!!

The church.

Beautiful bungalow… but guess what, EVERY house in that area has NO proper toilet, WOW!!!!

Returning to Puneng Be’kalalan Sarawak, the time was already 6:45 pm…. I was trapped in the dark, Mommy Tunung and Ewik had to literally carry mefor I have problem seeing in the dark, I have no night vision at all. After almost 2 hours walk in the darkness… phewwwww….

Day 3, 29th September 2012: One of the activities was collecting vegetables for lunch and dinner… you won’t go starving, you just have to learn to eat bizarre food ^_^

Vegetables collected that day: ….. tapioca leaves (holding in Mom Tunung’s hand) ….. Yam leaf stems (I was holding them) ….. wild ginger flower or Bunga kantan (wrapped in the papers holding in my arm) + the catch by Madison ^_^

The potential village house for our project soon, you wanna know? Stay tune with my post… ^_^ What I could hint here is, we are going to make a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ perhaps ^_^

Wider view to the property…

From another angle….

The entrance…

Right wing…

The kitchen, dinning…. or tempat berapi ^_^

The left wing…

Small room…

We continue searching for more food… this time: The Tekuyung catching ^_^ What’s that? Tekuyung? and how are we going to find it? and where can we find it? Tekuyung, wildly grown snails that can be eaten… they are growing in the river or in the stream… they are hiding in the mud and under the leaves…

It was my first time, Mom Tunung was quite an expert although she seldom done it, she is a city girl ^_^

look at my catch after… an hour haha, not bad ey ^_^

AMAZING lady, she is Alub, she is in 8 months pregnancy when this pictures was taken… she found 10 times more then what I found… and we had to cross so so many dangerous obstacles to get to the river, the stream… she was leading us!!!!

This is Sut, the first son of Alub & Madison. He is an expert Tekuyung catcher too…

Yea, my catch haha… well, if you know you have to step into the muddy water, seeking those Tekuyung with your hands in the muddy water, you won’t know what you are going to touch some more, that was a great catch already indeed ^_^

Day 4, the shot taken before leaving Puneng… Another shot… I am going to miss you Puneng, Be’kalalan ^_^ and I promise I will be back!!!

This is where we stayed for 4D3N during our visit with Mom Tunung and E-wik

The humble kitchen…

Spending time with the local people is one of the best thing I did during my stay at Puneng, Be’kalalan… With the talents that bestowed from God, I managed to get close to them without speaking their language. I drew for them… and I drew a fake tattoo on Madison’s arm… see he is showing off to you ^_^

Handsome local young men, Madison (with fake tattoo) & Jon (with hat)

A Malayan Pangolin was on sale… He was taken to our accommodation 3 days ago… He was taken back for he wasn’t been sold yet… I named him Bally, he scrolled himself like a ball the whole time I was holding him on day 1. Ballly started to be bold… investigating… Is that… an ant?

Mogool's Puneng, be'Kalalan Busines Trip 27 Sept ~ 1 Oct 2012 Slideshow: Win’s trip was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!
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