In passing by Sipitang we captured some interesting footage

Often, we would forget how beautiful, charming and interesting places that either we grown up at, long stayed for many purposes like working, studying, visiting etc. Not until we are leaving those places for long-term or good, we won’t really feel like extra-appreciating.

I lived in Sabah for the pass 7 years i.e. from September 2005 to September 2012. I have been to many cool and interesting tourist spots like Kinabalu National Park at Kundasang, Tunku Abdul Rahman park nearby Kota Kinabalu City, Sepilok Orang Utan Center, Tuaran Crocodile Farm, Kipandi Butterfly Farm, Crocker Range Park and many more… I have taken many cool pictures yet, most of them are kept PROPERLY in folders in my computer.

In passing by Sipitang town in the hurry recently, as I decided to buy some Satays-take-away. For I had to wait for a while, I walked to the nearby park in Sipitang Waterfront instead of sitting and waiting. And, I am glad I did that walk. The below are some cool footage I managed to capture and to share with you, a few minutes sunset videos capturing the sunset view from the sun hanging on the sky till it completely disappeared from the sky that left beautiful sky-painting before it got totally dark.

Enjoy and thank you for watching!

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