Hey guys, my new write up about Limbang town for your info and perusal ^_^


With refer to the report from Borneo Post, the largest English news site in Borneo, written on the 1st August, 2011 as below:


Mara Expo, which has been running since July 28, is deemed to be a pot of gold for participating small traders.

The expo also attracts visitors from neighboring country Brunei Darussalam, giving traders the extra impetus in sales.

Apart from the variety of food and beverages, the expo also sells
various products catered to all ages of visitors.

Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah described the Mara Up Town Expo as the best approach to revive and liven up the Limbang district as a shopping destination that provides a good variety of merchandises.

The expo also acts as a venue for small traders to generate extra income on top of their normal business days.

“The expo is the best platform for the traders to earn extra…

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