My writing today about Kembayau fruits, enjoy ^_^

Today, my inspiration came from the my dinner. As I was hungry and thus looking food (I haven’t had my REAL MEAL for the entire day and yeah, I know it is bad…), I realized I still have some ready-to-use mashed Kemabayau fruit in my fridge. I have learnt how to use Kembayau fruit to make a few local delicacies and tonight I decided to make myself Kembayau Fried Rice.

Do you have any idea what Kembayau fruit is then?

Kembayau fruits Canarium odontophyllum a.k.a Kembayau, locally known as ‘Kembayau” (Pronunciation Cam-Ba-Yaw) is an exotic fruit unique to Borneo Island, diversify in the Northern part of Sarawak from Sibu District to  Limbang District, it is also found in Brunei Darussalam and this also has a special affinity to Bruneians economy. It is a bit peculiar compare to other fruits; the skin is white in color at the early stage and when it ripes…

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