Post office Limbang, Sarawak

Borneo Travel Advisor in Limbang: Limbang Post OfficeI am writing my dear moms and dad aerogram often to Singapore and Pocatello, Idaho besides writing them emails for only one reason, we feel more actual the virtual somehow, funny ey? Well, I enjoy utilizing the slow old ‘snail mail‘ yet tangible technology.

For I am in Limbang right now so of course I am posting my mails through Limbang Post office. And guess what scenario I encountered today, 28th February 2013? There were long queues extended to outside the post office. I then asked around and found out that they were foreign workers in Limbang, it is their payday today thus the first thing they do is to make sure they send their money back to their country of origins.

I suddenly realized that Limbang, a small town of 3,978 square kilometer survive with foreign workers’ work force too.

Aerogram Malaysia

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