Borneo Travel Advisor got sponsored Herbalife products

I am sponsored the below products by Herbalife Natad Tuwau Limbang today ^_^

1. Herbal Aloe moisturizing conditioner for dry, damaged or color treated hair
2. Herbal Aloe Moisturizing shampoo for dry, damaged or color treated hair
3. Herbal Aloe everyday body wash

Mr. Titus Udan Lindris, the managing director of Herbalife Natad Tuwau Limbang presented me the above products at Switz Paradise Hotel today, the 6th April 2013. As I mentioned in my previous posts before, I started to pursue new-era-lifestyle by setting up SOHO since March last years, it requires me to travel a lot after 6 months. My company i.e. Mogool Management & Services, business started to grown gradually. Although Mogool earns only small income but we, my business partner & I never gave up. We developed small businesses that we manage with more local business partners like Mogool Event  Management, Tunung’s Nursery in Limbang, D3C tuition School in Lawas, soon to come Plus Size Beauty Budget Bridal & Evening Dresses in Limbang.

Due to ‘easy’ traveling life, it is essential for me to use quality products to keep myself feeling fresh & presentable all the time for I am rather a casual person, love to live jersey-lifestyle haha… lazy to mend my appearances when I am not needing to see any client. I really used to go out from my hotel room for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shopping for stationary and others needs in the CITY, using quality products really help to make my life a lot more easier.

So today, the sponsorship that I received is indeed one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life.

  Posing with my newly sponsored Herbalife products

Wrapping up my writing today with the above half-naked picture of me posing with my newly sponsored products and I am really a happy man, cheers!



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