Borneo Travel Advisor in Kota Kinabalu: Davidz Bar & Grill

I am crazy about food these few days, maybe it is because of the power of Herbalife Tea Mix… I am not sure yet. But before I got sponsored I don’t really crave for food, I just knew I love good food and I will hunt for good taste for I do not want to waste my resources a.k.a money.

And what happened tonight was, I have not been eating ANYTHING but drinking Herbalife Tea Mix the entire day, in my hotel room. I started to feel hungry around 5 pm, and then I saw a friend’s Facebook posted on his status like this: “I belong to you… you belong to me… you’re my sweetheart… (singing this to my cheese burger) lol”

and that really ignited my crave for BURGER too! Then came the thought of going for my favorite Burger King. I got myself ready, took my shower (and that, I found another topic to write about, click here if you are interested to know what was that about), put on my casual wear and walked down to hunt my food. As I spent most of my time in the room working on proposal for my newly-attempt-to-get-involve-business, blogging, or designing & executing dresses, etc. I need to move as much as I can; when I first checked in to Switz Paradise Hotel, I got up & down the building (on the 3rd floor only) via elevator, I choose to go anywhere within 300 meter on foot from the second week onward, i do feel healthier.

As I walked down to the ground floor heading to the closes Burger King, I changed my mind, I thought: “The closest Burger King outlet is in Segama, that’s more then… like 3 KM??? Nah… I gotta find an alternative! Api-api McD maybe, it’s like 3 minutes walk…” then I decided to walk toward, McDonald Api-api centre.

Courtesy to Davidz

But along the way, a bar that I have been passing by many time yet never thought of trying their food caught my eyes, i.e. Davidz Bar & Grill. I noticed, free wifi signage and quite place is indeed my preference, due to my young age Asperger Syndrome maybe. I set a goal, if they are selling burger, I will just try it out here. I walked in, a very attentive waitress approached me immediately and handed me the menu that asked for. And, yes! They are selling burger! well, decent price of RM20 for a 5 inches diameter burger with fries and my favorite tartar sauce, RM18+ margarita cocktail, nice and quiet ambiance… Davidz won my heart!

And, come back to Wes my friend, he is now posting at Sipitang as an educator, his burger definitely won’t be able to beat MY burger tonight and I took these pictures for him to admire, i hope you enjoy my food too, cheers!

Chill out & had my dinner or more accurately, my 1st meal of the day ^_^

Davidz’ Beef Burger ^_^

Don’t laugh at me, I love margarita ^_^

Me & my burger

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2 Responses to Borneo Travel Advisor in Kota Kinabalu: Davidz Bar & Grill

  1. Wes Ramsey says:

    Hahahah Nice one! 🙂

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