The 25th winners of Padan Liu Burung and Ruran Ulung!

Thank you for ypur blog Benjamin…

His Writing on the Wall

Welcome on board to the new members of the exclusive club!

Gebrial Padan and Pauline Padan (not related though both coincidentally shares the same surname) were crown winners in the respective category at the recent Irau Aco Lun Bawang. Sadly to note, I was unable to make myself present due to work commitments but reading from the Facebook posts and pictures – indeed the 25th anniversary was a glarring success.

There is just so much to write about the Irau itself and how the Lun Bawang natives has developed as a community. There many good things that has transcended in the recent years though many rooms for improvement. I’m going to beat myself up for this because being one of the privilledge Lun Bawang youth, I wasn’t able to contribute myself totally to this. Though this would be a promise for me that one day, I will be back to…

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