Borneo Travel advisor: Star Cruise Superstar Aquarius in kota Kinabalu

Star Cruise Superstar Aquarius Standing pax offer

Superstar Aquarius by Star Cruise docked at Sabah Port Kota Kinabalu since September has been the talk of the town. The cruise has definitely injected so much fun to us the citizen. Furthermore, we also have great opportunity to experience cruising on such massive & majestic cruise ship.

For those who plan on ‘backpacking‘ may consider this hot deal offers until the end of the year. It costs only RM100 per person, and I have experienced it myself, it was AWESOME!!

To purchase this ticket, you are to visit Star Cruise office located at KK Times Square, you may refer to the address appeared on the picture on right.

It is fairly easy to find the office. When you are entering the property, look to the right and Star Cruise office is only 1 door away from the corner lot.

From years of backpacking experience, I automatically prepared some light but definitely useful items for my excursion. Let’s see what I brought along with me:

  1. A blanket
  2. Toiletry for refreshing
  3. A few extra T-shirts
  4. My phone which also my camera
  5. Some money

That’s all! I slept on the leisure chair until the morning ray penetrated the sky.

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