Antelope Lower Canyon discovery vs. Strange Creatures in Borneo

I have just read a post at at that was posted yesterday,  7 December, 2013 about a Reddit user named remizik’s newly discovered spot at Antelope Lower Canyon.

Instantly, I recalled a video on YouTube that was uploaded and published nearly a year ago by Nan Keningau with the title – Strange Creature in Cave.

This video was captured by a British traveler, Matthew Lazenby. This video was also been reported and aired on Malaysia’s TV3 news on the 24 December,  2012.

Matthew described those strange creatures sized from 5 to 15 centimeters. They moved at high speed and they float too.

To Matthew’s personal opinion, he don’t think those strange creatures should be classified as insect because, as he observed and he realized, even bats in the cave were escaped in fear when those strange creatures approached.

From the video clip above, it shows clearly that those strange creatures possess 7 pairs of wings, that makes them even more mysterious. I am hoping to get more information about the phenomena ever since I discovered the video (not the creature lol). I know Malaysia Sabah Wildlife Department started a thorough study to these mysterious and strange creatures that still remain unknown so far.

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