Borneo Travel Advisor: Sabah state meeting for Visit Malaysia Year 2014

A meeting had been called this morning by Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Sabah State at their own meeting room from 9am this morning, I am sure meeting is still proceeding this very moment. I am aware of this matter as I was notified from Facebook post posted 4 hours. The meeting agenda is to discuss the organization of main events in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 kicked start on January 1, 2014.

Matters to discuss:

  1. Organizing ‘Acara Citrawarna‘ on May 24 – 25, 2014
  2. Organizing ‘Acara Citrarasa’ in March, 2014
  3. Organizing ‘Acara Art Festival’
  4. Organizing ‘Acara Museum Festival’

I am hoping to hear good news and finding the opportunity to work with the organizers.

Meeting agenday JoannaBefore I am able to update the final decisions made, I am herewith to share more information pertaining Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

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