Borneo Travel Advisor: Food and Visit Malaysia Year 2014

“Food, food, food!”

I want more food not just because I am angry, bored, stressed, depressed and anxious. I love to try food thus I do look like one with my size, can’t help it. Chinese elderly people always said this to me, “吃穷你!” meaning eat till you dead poor, still I never stopped eating when I have the chance to. I am allergy to rice (I still get the same shocking and unbelieving reaction every time I told people why I don’t order rice, rice flour noodles米粉‘, flatten rice flour noodles ‘馃条‘ or any food that made of rice.  I tried to find more information about rice allergy from Google and I found these, I am glad I am not alone: Original text click here

“A Rice allergy is considered rare, however I have heard from a few of you who are dealing with this one. As fate would have it rice was added to Jacob’s allergen list in the fall of 2012. Rice is a grain like any other, so it is fair game to become an allergy trigger as well. As an allergy, it is commonly seen in Asian countries, and seems to be less prevalent here in the United States. Most of the reported cases and studies I have been finding are from the 1990s, so it could be that this allergy is becoming more common than previously suspected.”

Hence, if you asked me what are my favorite food, I would focus more to non rice food (I actually do love eating rice and did eat rice and I ended up admitted to the hospital a few time when I got really sick). My photo collection are all posted on my Facebook so here we go, Win Son’s food collection from Facebook.


Poached noodles 干捞面 at Kedai Kopi 38 Putatan

Cookings of New Taste Restaurant at Lawas

Ramadhan Bazaar’s Malay Cuisine

Ramadhan Bazaar’s BBQ chicken tights, nyum nyum!

Lido’s Ngau Chap – Beef Noodles

DAVIDZ Asia City Complex’s BURGER!!!!

Lunch at Papyrus Marine Resort Mantanani Island

Sri Melaka’s Nyonya Cuisine

Little Italy KK’s Marinara Carbonara

Restaurant Rahmat Sabindo’s Mee Mamak

Rota Canai of Kg. Santing, Papar

Fish soup noodles at Papar town

Xing Rong Cafe Lawas’ poach noodles (really good!)

E-Mart, Miri

Oh, this is CRIKEY! BBQ pig’s every ate-able… bizarre food at E-Mart Miri!

Indian food KK, Api Api Center

Auntie Ang’s Corner Putatan

Another Auntie Ang Putatan’s cooking

Auntie Ang’s fruitie cocktail

Lekor-lekor fried fish finger 1st Beach Tg. Aru, KK

My favorite steamed groundnut

Lawas’ night time noodles

Lawas’ Laksa… sedapppp…

I guess, enough sharing good street food haha. While I was inserting those pictures above, I remembered KK Food Fest that was organized by my friend Elson, I visited his website immediately and found the event is now handled by a new event company.

KK Food fest Header

I also found some information of the food fest this year but the information is not complete on their official website, thus I decided to write them an email addressed to Doris as per below:

Hi Doris,

Greetings from Borneo Travel Advisor and hope this email finds you well.
I am Win Son Nick Kho, a blogger. I am planning to write about your KKFF 2014 but I guess there are thingy I would like to figure out:
1. I am seeking your approval to write about your event and use features needed from your website (you may ignore the below questions if you are not approving the write up)
2. The duration of the food fest this year, please advise if the event last only 3 days from 18 – 20 April, 2014 (as per webpage:  yet STB webpage ( stated different dates i.e. 5 – 6 April, 2014
3. Please advise the changes to your key components page (
5. More to come ^_^
Thank you for your kind attention, and hope hearing from you very soon.
Best Regards,
Win Son Nick Kho
Borneo Travel Advisor
January 21, 2014

I hope Doris writes be back asap that I would be able to update you all, my dearest readers more information about KK Food Fest 2014; and thank you for reading again, cheers!

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