24 March 2014, Borneo Travel Advisor’s 2 years Anniversary!

2 years anniversary

It feels SO good knowing my blog is now 2 years old! I have just received a notification as shown above from WordPress. It feels like all the hardships and hard times to continue writing are all worth it! 

I couldn’t post anything since 30 January this year for some sad reasons, (counting…) meaning, I have not posting anything for the pass 53 days; yet I noticed my blog is still visiting by my dear readers, I am indeed grateful for all of you my dearest readers of yours continuous supports from Malaysia, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, United States of American etc. I promise you all that will not give up, I will press forward, I will continue  my writing!

Image shown the continuous supports from my readers

Actually, I didn’t stop writing although I couldn’t post my writings. What I did, I wrote down my thoughts and waited for the time I could be connected to internet again. And, among those sad days of my, I did my best to be self motivated through reading and watching videos to be inspired. But, set aside of all those inspirational good books and videos, Forest inspired me the most, ‘it’ touched till the depth of my soul!

This Forest, a gecko that has inspired me to the depth of my soul…

So, Forest’s story didn’t have the big starting like Disney and Dreamwork movies but rather it was just a ‘normal’ encounter. But to me, it was BIG! How did Forest’s present became one of most inspiration experience in my life? It has to start from 53 days ago. I was broke and I am still broke. I was literally forced to leave my work place to stop any harm from the sabotage. I was homeless. And I got money food that could only sustained for a few days. I couldn’t operate my business… I found a room in a slum area, sharing with a roommate after crunching at a few friends houses before that, I suffer bedbugs bite every time I lay in the bed (I have phobia to the bedtime wish “sleep tight,  don’t let the bedbugs bite” hence).

I feel that fate has been mean and unfair to me. It was at very down moment that Forest appeared in my life. It is just a small little gecko that I never paid attention to even to preserve it’s life. It ‘dwell in the toilet bowl’ (I suppose cause it is a DRY toilet bowl since the flush is malfunction). I ‘flush’ the toilet after using it with the water in the pail, Forest was washed down to the hole TWICE by me unintentionally.

The second day after the second washed down, I realized Forest was still alive. It was actually STICKING to the toilet bowl more than hanging onto it. This time, it was not just a gecko to me, but a brave gecko that I named him Forest (it is dump yet strong like Forest Gump). It hit me so hard that, even a gecko like Forest would do it’s very best to stay alive, I am an intelligent homosapien, I should have intelligence and strong wills to withstand obstacles in life!

Thank God the almighty to let me see Forest. Forest was rescued and it lives happily ever after in the same room now, and I am inspired; fire up and believing in life again!

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One Response to 24 March 2014, Borneo Travel Advisor’s 2 years Anniversary!

  1. Just lovin’ this island with its wild nature and extremely friendly people. Keep up the great work and hope the nature here remains preserved.

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